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Hi, my name is Kahlil Lechelt, I am a JavaScript developer located in Stuttgart, Germany.

I am currently working at 1&1 in Karlsruhe as a Frontend Architect. I am @kahliltweets on Twitter which is a great way to reach me and if you prefer email you can always write to

Code Things

@kahlil on GitHub

On which you can find random things I am working on and things I am not working on anymore.


A podcast in which me and my co-hosts @rockbot and @hglattergotz merge, filter, scan and map streams of thoughts and talk about software engineering, culture and technology.


A podcast in which my co-host @hglattergotz and I find out about programmers origin stories.

Have a listen and if you like it, we would be thrilled if you left a review on iTunes!


My personal podcast on, on which I talk about JavaScript and other things. No episode is longer than 3 minutes.

Kahlil's Blog

My blog on Medium. This is where I announce new podcast episodes and write about things I learned.


KarlsruheJS and FrankfurtJS are two JavaScript user groups I am co-organizing.
You should pass by!

Cycle Storage Driver

I made a driver for localStorage and sessionStorage for Cycle.js. You can read an article about the why and how right here.

Music Things

Agent Lexie

My wife's musical project in which I am involved as an executive producer and web guy.


A musical project I am working on with my brother.