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Hi, my name is Kahlil Lechelt, I am a JavaScript developer – who also does music things – located in Stuttgart, Germany.

I am currently working at 1&1 in Karlsruhe as a Frontend Architect. I am @kahliltweets on Twitter which is a great way to reach me and if you prefer email you can always write to Also find me as kahlilsnaps on Snapchat and kahlillechelt on Instagram.

Code Things

@kahlil on GitHub

On which you can find random things I am working on and things I am not working on anymore.

Reactive Podcast

A podcast in which me and my co-hosts @rockbot and @hglattergotz merge, filter, scan and map streams of thoughts and talk about software engineering, culture and technology.


KarlsruheJS and FrankfurtJS are two JavaScript user groups I am co-organizing.
You should pass by!

My blog on Medium. This is where I announce new podcast episodes and write about things I learned or noticed.

Cycle Storage Driver

I made a driver for localStorage and sessionStorage for Cycle.js. You can read an article about the why and how right here.


A podcast in which my co-host @hglattergotz and I find out about programmers origin stories.

Note: this podcast is currently in hiatus.

Music Things


This is a project by Marten Hørger and Leeroy Thornhill. They are releasing their first album on the 23rd of Sept 2016. Me and my wife participated in this project by contributing vocals to a few tracks.
You can watch the first video single here and pre-order it here.


My wife's musical project in which I am involved as an executive producer and web guy.


+Bo is my brother's musical project. I am involved in the background as well as collaborating on some tracks with him.